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Here are my questions:

1. What’s your favourite summer beach read?

I like to read fun, action-packed series in the summer, like the Vampire Academy or Percy Jackson (I read them last summer). I also reread Harry Potter every summer (and every winter…)

2. Tea or coffee?


3. library or bookstore?


4. Do you watch booktube videos? If yes, who is your favourite booktuber?

Yes I do watch booktube videos, but I can’t choose a favourite booktuber because there are just too many great ones out there. But the first booktuber I watched was Katytastic, and then I found other booktubers like PeruseProject, Kassidy Voinche and YA Bookwormblogger, so they are among my favourites. 

5. List 5 books that you want to read next!

  1. Dreams of Gods and Monsters (I’m currently reading it)
  2. Cress
  3. Anna and the French Kiss
  4. The Night Circus
  5. City of Heavenly Fire

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